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Stronghold Festival Day Ticket

£ 60.00 

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Join us for the day at Stronghold Festival!
May 24, 2024
May 27, 2024
Join us for the day at Stronghold Festival. Includes meals! Come join us in the mountains. Come join the revival. Our annual Stronghold Festival - a four day celebration of God's love for us! Centred on 24 hour a day adoration and worship of Jesus, the festival is a time of praise, inspiring talks, and time for building friendships and fellowship. This is a unique opportunity to come away into the beautiful landscape of the Scottish Highlands and deep dive into the beauty and fullness of the Catholic faith. Open to all young people aged 16-35. Your day ticket gives you full access for talks, activities and meals - just without the overnight stay. Learn more about the festival over at
Stronghold Festival
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