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see what god can do

prayer ministry

schedule online prayer ministry

are you in need of physical healing?

sign up for zoom prayer ministry below
We are simple disciples of Jesus who want to be obedient to His command to heal the sick. We offer 20 minute sessions via Zoom with our dedicated prayer teams across three virtual prayer rooms. Sign up using the links below. You will get an e-mail with all the information you need, and in the sign up process we'll ask you a few basic questions about what you'd like prayer for.

If you have been blessed by this ministry and would like to support the work of Craig Lodge you can donate here.
upcoming healing room dates
12 October, 26 October
9 November, 16 November, 23 November

want to receive telephone prayer ministry?

sign up below for a session with our dedicated prayer teams
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The suggested donation for each session is £25, which you can give via paypal before or after your session. Thank you for helping to support our mission and our ministries!
in person

what about in-person sessions?

you can ask for prayer whilst visiting
If you are visiting us, either on a day trip, on one of our scheduled retreats or a 'make your own' retreat stay, then we are happy to arrange prayer ministry while you're here. Ask us whilst you're visiting or send us an email in advance of your stay.
more freedom

unbound prayer

a gentle, safe, effective deliverance prayer ministry
Unbound Deliverance Prayer was devised by Neal Lozano of Heart of the Father ministries and it helps us reclaim our true identity in Christ as sons & daughters of God the Father. If you feel you are bound by worry, stress, perfectionism, shame or guilt; if you struggle repeatedly with the same bad habits or addictive behaviour patterns; if you are weighed down by prolonged grief, anger, sadness, loneliness or bitterness; if you feel you have settled for second best and are not living an abundant life in Jesus, then Unbound Prayer may well benefit you. We offer Unbound prayer ministry sessions in-person at Craig Lodge or via Zoom. Please contact us to find out more:
prayer ministry testimonies
I witnessed so many lives changed and miracles happen over the few days. God called me to go deeper in my faith and step out in ways that have changed my life!
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God's presence can be felt in the room. I always feel peace and often clarity at Stronghold; it is where God reminds me life isn't meant to be done alone.
Read more
I had a huge experience with the Holy Spirit and encountered the saving touch of Jesus. This just showed me how much God wanted to meet me, yet He was not imposing or controlling.
Read more
What a wonderful weekend. What a beautiful way to spend time with God and each other. Your openness to prayer and the work of God in your lives is transforming and something that I want to bring back with me and build on here.
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“Craig Lodge is our go to for holidays. It is our home away from home, our place to recharge, feel refreshed and come away renewed. There is no other place like Craig Lodge, it is truly a gift from God to his people in Scotland and beyond.”
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It was such a blessing and it really touched my heart and soul - the fruits of that prayer were almost immediate.
Read more
I wasn’t sure if my children would want to come back now they are older but my daughter said it was the only place she felt free to live her faith. So we had to come back!
Read more
You allowed me a place to begin to heal, learn, reconnect and grow and I’ll be forever thankful.
Read more
Truly jaw dropping experience. There are not enough positive words in the dictionary to describe the sheer power of God’s Love that I think was felt by all at the festival.
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