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A resource for the church

the Bothy Studio

our creative studio

a space for a creative outpouring

seeking new expressions of heaven on earth
The Bothy Studio was born of a desire to see a fresh creative outpouring in the church today. We were created by a creator to be creative, and as a community we want to make room for creativity of all kinds. Creativity is a part of our heritage as a community: our founder, Calum, is a skilled painter, and other members of our community are craftspeople or musicians. We envision the Bothy as a place where fresh creative expressions can take place, a place where beautiful things can be made to serve the church and draw her members deeper into the Lord's embrace.

A simple but well equipped studio, the Bothy is set up for creating both audio and visual content. Our community members are using it for their own creative practices, recording music and filming podcasts. We are so excited by this, but we want it to be bigger than our community: we want to invite you into this space. The Bothy Studio is now available to book as a resource for you to record your music or work on other creative projects. Whether you are a skilled musician or someone who is only just stepping into their craft - we want to offer you the opportunity to use this exciting space! 
technical specs

simple but well equipped

what's included?
- Fully equipped music studio, with microphones, amps, and musical instruments including drums, electric and acoustic guitars, and the Vox Continental keyboard.
- Two main rooms: a live room and an engineering room.
- Cameras available for filming and photography, as well as professional lighting gear.
- Computer equipped with the full Adobe Suite for visual projects and Abelton Live for recording projects.
bothy projects

made in the bothy

creative work completed in the Bothy Studio
The first to use the Bothy Studio were Joseph and Rosemary Black, who moved here in August 2021 to help us teach at the Mission House and lead worship. They recorded a five song worship EP called The Great Assembly, Pt. 1. Most of the songs were written at Craig Lodge over the past few years.

We are so excited by this project as a kind of test-drive for the potential of the space. Other community members are now beginning to use the space for other projects, with plans for podcasts and other music underway.

book the bothy

come away on creative retreat
The Bothy is available for booking to record your music or work on other creative projects. Come away to the Highlands, soak in God's creative beauty, partake in the simplicity of community life, and let us minister to you in your creative walk with God. We can provide bed, board and prayer ministry in the Lodge.
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