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creativity as an expression of worship
We want creativity to be a part of our community life. It is an essential part of our expression of our relationship to God our Creator, and we see it as a means of drawing closer to the Lord and offering worship to him. Creativity is a part of our heritage as a community: our founder, Calum, is a skilled painter, and many other members of our community are craftspersons and musicians. There are a thousand ways to be creative! Our hope is that, like the old monasteries of Europe, Craig Lodge can become a place where creatives can truly thrive, where beautiful things can be made to glorify God and minister to the world, and where craft is a normal expression of relationship with God.

- painting by Calum Macfarlane-Barrow

created in the bothy studio
The Bothy Studio is a new creative space at Craig Lodge designed for recording music, but with broad audio and visual applications. This space is designed as a resource for the community and the wider church. The first project to emerge from the space is a worship EP called "The Great Assembly, Part I," by Joseph and Rosemary Black who are part of the Team here at Craig Lodge. You can listen wherever you stream your music.
lyric videos
filmed in and around craig lodge
A collaboration between photographer Aaron Britton and designer Rosemary Black for the Black's EP release "The Great Assembly Part I."
retreat archives
recorded live from our chapel
We are building an archive of teaching, preaching and worship from our retreat events, recorded live from our chapel. Listen below.
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Watch our community, staff and mission students share their stories and give an insight into life at Craig Lodge.
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