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'the testimony of jesus is the spirit of prophecy



sharing your testimony

why share your testimony?

Have you had a special experience of the love of Jesus through our events? Did you experience the peace of inner healing through prayer ministry sessions with our staff and missionaries? Did you experience the miracle of physical healing at our retreats or missions? 

If you have a testimony of Jesus' love experienced through our ministries at Craig Lodge, whether when visiting for a retreat or other event, or when we were on mission to you - let us know and help us share the good news! 

In Revelations John says "the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy" - this means that in the sharing of what God has done for you, you make the same goodness of God available for others: your prophecy his goodness, healing, peace - into the lives of others.

You can use the form below to submit your testimony to us, or feel free to email us too. Your testimony encourages our Team so much, and helps us bring other people to an experience of God's peace, mercy, healing, and goodness, as we can share it with others through our media and communications.
testimony tips

Thank you so much for considering sharing your testimony! If you've never shared your testimony before, here's some good markers on things to cover:

- If you can, let us know which event or ministry you are testifying about.
- To give a rough guide, there are just three simple points you need to cover: before, during and after: where were you at before the encounter? What happened during the encounter? And how has this affected you now, after the encounter?
ways to share

You can use our form below, or email us at Thank you so much!

share your testimony

how have you been touched by Jesus through our ministries?
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