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jobs at craig lodge
we are hiring
We are looking for a talented communications and fundraising officer
This is a rare opportunity to live and work within the context of a dynamic Catholic charity focused on mission. The successful candidate will work with our staff team to develop and implement a communications and fundraising strategy to reflect the growth of Craig Lodge and associated ministries. You will be responsible for creating content for our website, social media channels, email newsletters, reports, mail outs, fundraising campaigns and growing and engaging with our donor-base. Please e-mail your CV and Cover Letter to Ruth Black at
bringing young people into relationship with their heavenly father


our annual festival

stronghold festival

come join us in the mountains
Each May we hold a festival for 16s-30s. This is a celebration of all the richness of our Catholic faith through praise and worship, teachings, fellowship and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. "God inhabits the praises of his people" (Psalm 22:3), and this festival aims to build a "Stronghold" of worship. You can learn more over at the website.

stronghold e-festival

come join us in the mountains - wherever you are
The year of 2020 was a year of immense challenge for everyone. We responded by embracing new technologies and moving many of our ministries online - starting with Stronghold Festival. We ran our first ever e-Festival in May 2020, with a small local team of volunteers and a larger team spread throughout the whole UK, working together remotely to bring Jesus into the homes and hearts of those in lockdown. This was a beautiful chance for people to come together online during a very difficult season, and has presented new opportunities for our Festivals and other events in future - we envision that every Stronghold Festival will now have a live online component, so you can join us from wherever you are in the world.
monthly events

stronghold prayer nights

come join us in the city
As part of Stronghold, we host regular prayer nights throughout Scotland - by young people, for young people. With our most popular nights in Glasgow, we now have events planned for Edinburgh and Aberdeen. These are like the festival in miniature, aiming to nurture friendships developed during and in the lead-up to festivals. They are times of worship before Jesus, of music, fomation and teaching, friendship, and fellowship. Prayer Nights last around three hours and then there's a trip to the pub after. Find out about when the next event is below, or by visiting
social media

stay connected

connecting young people across scotland and the world
Visit our dedicated social media for our Stronghold ministry:
upcoming events

"delight yourself in the lord"

stay tuned for announcements of upcoming Stronghold events
stronghold testimonies
I had a huge experience with the Holy Spirit and encountered the saving touch of Jesus. This just showed me how much God wanted to meet me, yet He was not imposing or controlling.
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I write to tell you that I joined with you last night and experienced from the depths of my soul the release of long-standing heartbreak.
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Still enjoying the good fruits of the Unbound Retreat! Powerful. Such lightness and I’m much easier to live with. Haven’t laughed or enjoyed every day as much since….? I don’t remember. Praise God.
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It was such a blessing and it really touched my heart and soul - the fruits of that prayer were almost immediate.
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I have had a full hour of my sixth year pupils raving about the experience they have had in taking part in “Our Daily Bread” retreat and spending the last two days in Craig Lodge.
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I wasn’t sure if my children would want to come back now they are older but my daughter said it was the only place she felt free to live her faith. So we had to come back!
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You allowed me a place to begin to heal, learn, reconnect and grow and I’ll be forever thankful.
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Truly jaw dropping experience. There are not enough positive words in the dictionary to describe the sheer power of God’s Love that I think was felt by all at the festival.
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