Half way down Glen Lonan

One of Dad’s favourite things is weather forecasts. I have very few memories of him being strict with us as children but talking during the weather forecast before the 6 o’clock news was a terrible sin and the sinner dealt with severely. The advent of the internet may have done many things for mankind, good and bad, but for Dad it has given him an ability to check forecasts to his hearts content. Many of us don’t actually bother to look online we just ask Dad.  So, it was with complete faith in the warm and sunny day he promised that we dared to leave our leggings and jackets behind. As we sat in the church of the Visitation for Mass and listened to the rain thundering down on the roof, I pondered on faith and trust and wisdom.

img_7423Perhaps the prayers were extra fervent during this Mass celebrating the wonderful feast day of the Exaltation of the Cross, I don’t know, but anyway by the time we left to start walking it was dry with a hint of sunshine in the sky. Thank you Lord for your victory on the Cross which has opened up Heaven for us all! (and Happy Birthday Ken (husband) on way back from working in Papua New Guina). Glen Lonan is a beautiful road that meanders peacefully along. It has the same feel as the islands with its unfenced grazing and the verges thick with the sharp blades of seilisdeirs like raised green swords. It is quiet. A few farms and cottages, sheep and some beautiful highland cows who stared unimpressed at two pilgrims wandering down their road.

As we walked and prayed we were conscious that this road may have been used by pilgrims on their way to Iona in ages past. We prayed especially for all those we knew who are sick today and for Craig Lodge Community that began 26 years ago on this feast day. Thank you Martin and Stephen and Denis, you were the pioneers for the rest of us!

img_7420We walked through a little hazel wood laden with nuts, some prolific bramble bushes and something that looked like sloeberries. Basically free food on all sides.  Along the way we met some visitors to Scotland from Vermont and further along some from Canada . They had all stopped to admire the Highland cows. When Dad hove into view with his kilt swinging they obviously couldn’t belive their luck. Cue a whole photo shoot.
Thanks to everyone who passed us today for their friendly waves or cheery beeps on car horns.