Goodbye Craig Lodge

The place was very quiet as we set off. After a full house for a Joe Dalton healing retreat the House Community were wisely lying low and enjoying their Sabbath rest. We said a quick prayer together in the chapel and Mum (Mary Anne) waved us off from the front door. For the first part of this stage we had the company of our friend Andreas and his dog Marsco.

img_7030It was proper September walking- sunshine and wind blowing the rowan trees to and fro with their berries demonstrating all the shades of red there are from a brazen scarlet to a russetty brown. We spied the occasional ripened bramble amongst the green, hazelnuts not quite ready for picking and mushrooms and toadstools in all their fantastical shapes.

As we walked along the Stronmilchan road the mass of Cruachan reared up larger and larger ahead. This first part of the route aims for the pass into Glennoe at the top of the Castles Farm hydro road.
I think we all felt a little nervous during that first walk: would our paces match, were the aches and pains increasing, what side of the road should we go to when we meet a car. After a farcical moment when we collided with each other as we rushed to the verge we agreed to let Marsco the dog decide and run to him at the sound of a car.