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We are looking for a talented communications and fundraising officer
This is a rare opportunity to live and work within the context of a dynamic Catholic charity focused on mission. The successful candidate will work with our staff team to develop and implement a communications and fundraising strategy to reflect the growth of Craig Lodge and associated ministries. You will be responsible for creating content for our website, social media channels, email newsletters, reports, mail outs, fundraising campaigns and growing and engaging with our donor-base. Please e-mail your CV and Cover Letter to Ruth Black at
in st columba's footsteps

iona pilgrimage

"let me say my daily prayers, sometimes chanting, sometimes quiet, always thanking God."
The little island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland has been a place of pilgrimage since St Columba established a monastery there in 6th century. It was from Iona that St Columba set out on missionary journeys that brought the good news of Christ to the people of Scotland and beyond. The island has been revered as a holy place to the present day. We love to honour St Columba by going on pilgrimage to this special place.
St Conan's Pilgrim Way
Each year we lead a group of pilgrims on the St Conan's Pilgrim Way, a 60 mile walk from Craig Lodge to Iona.  We take care of the accommodation and transport arrangements leaving pilgrims free to prayerfully experience God's beautiful creation.  To find out more, email

You can also find route information here if you are planning your own pilgrimage to Iona.
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join us next time our community journeys to Iona