Community life

Living in community has always been recognized as a way of progressing in the spiritual life.  Finding companions on our faith journey is a way we can support one another and helps us to open our hearts to Jesus and to others.  Like it or not other people are the pathway to the growth of virtue in each of us!

Craig Lodge Community is a response to our Lady’s call to holiness at Medjugorje.  Our daily life is based on prayer, service and evangelization as we try to live out her messages.

Some of us have made a commitment to live here on a permanent basis; families and single we live independently, close to Craig Lodge, and share a common life of prayer. We pool our talents whether music, gardening, or baking in the service of the Craig Lodge ministries and everything we do is in honour of our patron, Our Lady, Queen of Peace.  We also offer up to 10 young people each year the chance to come and share this life with us. This Spiritual Gap Year is often a time of great healing and a chance to grow in faith and love of God.

“Do not be content to live a mediocre Christian life: walk with determination along the path of holiness” Pope Francis