Higher and higher!

Dad is very pleased with the poncho he has bought specially for this trip. It is in camouflage colours and quite voluminous. I am a bit jealous as my Medjugorje pilgrim poncho (sorry Eileen I know I promised not to buy one) is a lightweight in comparison in every sense. Today we are climbing steadily and our goal is to reach the top of the road just below the bealach.

As he has done all my life, Dad did his best to encourage me by pointing out things like: how far we have come already; that we have got the worst of the steep bit out of the way; that the road is better than we remember; that the rucksack is really light and he is happy to keep carrying it. Dad reminisces on climbs, ridge walks and stalking exploits on the hills around us. So many adventures and now another one unfolding.

We prayed for all the intentions given to us by people all those who have donated and supported Craig Lodge.