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Noel and Aidan will use this weekend to minister to the needs of your families through Family Tree Healing. (£100)

Noel Byrne has been engaged in full time prayer ministry for the past thirty five years, and much of this time has been spent on ministering to the needs of families through Family Tree Healing. Aidan Byrne joined Noel’s ministry about ten years ago, and they work together to present a comprehensive teaching on this most important subject. The primary focus of the weekend is on helping people to build their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church He established through a process of prayerful reflection and personal repentance. Our approach is based on the foundational and groundbreaking efforts in the area of Family Tree Healing undertaken by Pope John Paul II when he organised one of the largest family tree healing events in the history of the Church, that is, when he offered a Universal Prayer of Reparation during the Day of Pardon on March 12th 2000. This event was the fulfilment of a document written by there International Theological Commission who recognised the need for the purification of the memory of the Church for the sins of the past, and they explained their rationale for this in that document which was entitled, “Memory and Reconciliation: the Church and the faults of the past.”

Through the course of the weekend, the consequences of sin on the living, and future, generations of families will be considered. In referring to the consequences of sin, we endeavour to help people to understand those activities and attitudes that alienate a person, and their family, from God, sometimes for generations, and then how to restore that relationship so that blessings will begin to be re-established. Experience has proven, and Scripture and the teachings of the Church affirm, that when people acknowledge and take personal responsibility for sin, then the Mercy of God is released upon the living and future generations of the family, and a process of genuine healing begins to take place.

One of the many significant features of this weekend is the importance placed on reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and on praying for the Holy Souls. Both of these activities are time honoured obligations for Christians that are firmly rooted in Scripture, the teaching Magisterium of the Church and within Sacred Tradition. If they are neglected, then there can be serious consequences for the living members of a family. When they are embraced, then there are a multitude of blessings unleashed upon the family.