Join Craig Lodge Community for the 2018 Medjugorje Youth Festival!

The annual festival is a gathering of around 50,000 young people from around the world.  It is an amazing week ; a lively, joyful  celebration of  the rich traditions of our Catholic faith.

“The Youth Festival in Medjugorje is incredible! It was a life changing experience for me. We had so much fun, met people from all over the world and heard some incredibly inspiring stories from the main stage. I felt so much stronger in faith after the trip and had a whole new group of friends that felt more like family”

Joining our group is easy:

  • tell us you plan to come along E:  T: 01838 200216
  • book your easy jet flights so you can travel out with us.  These are the flights we are getting
    Sunday 29th July 2018 06:10 flight from Glasgow to Split (EZY6811)
        Sunday 5th August 2018 10:50 flight returning from Split to Glasgow (EZY6812) 
    The flights are very cheap just now- only about £140 return but of course this price will keep going up so the quicker you book the better!!  BOOK HERE NOW:
  • let us know you have booked your flights E:  T: 01838 200216
  • we will sort out accommodation, meals and airport transfers for you and this will cost 250 euros
  • any questions please just ask!

We will have our own Chaplain(s) travelling with us and young helpers who have been to the festival before and loved it so much they want others to take part in this unique event.

This event is for 18-25 year olds.


M E D J U G O R J E   B A C K G R O U N D

What even is Medjugorje? – you’ll find a description of the story here on the Medjugorje parish website

The Church’s Position on Medjugorje – The Church has yet to give a final verdict on Medjugorje. Pope Benedict set up a Commission to investigate and their report has not yet been officially published.  More recently Pope Francis sent an envoy, Archbishop Hoser, to visit Medjugorje and report to him about the pastoral needs of the parish and pilgrims.  Again this report has not been officially published by the Vatican but Archbishop Hoser has given several, very positive, interviews  eg
Meanwhile the faithful, that’s you and me, are free to go on pilgrimage there while we humbly await the Church’s decision.

Fruit of Medjugorje –  Jesus says in Matthew’s gospel:  “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.”   One of the way the Church discerns the truth about events like Medjugorje is by looking at the ‘fruit’ ie  what impact does Medjugorje have on people’s lives.  Medjugorje has become famous as a place of conversion. Many people find their hearts changed, healed, set free and open to receive God’s love in a completely new way.   There are lots of priests and religious who found their vocation from a visit to Medjugorje.  There are many initiatives and apostolates around the world that have been inspired by Medjugorje.   The one that is probably best known to us here in Scotland is the charity Mary’s Meals currently feeding over 1 million children daily in the developing world.  This work of mercy traces its roots directly to one family’s pilgrimage to Medjugorje.  You can listen to the founders explain in this wee film.